An unusual and exciting or daring experience.


At Bush Happy Overlanding, we take that up a notch, with a healthy blend of fresh air, sunshine, (sometimes) and breathtaking natural beauty. But our adventures are about more than taking the open road out of civilisation, to access off the beaten tracks and trails… it’s about discovery.

Our Adventures

16 Day – 4 Southern African Countries Adventure

10 Day – Kingdom of Eswatini Adventure

4 Day – 3 Nights Queens River Adventure

2 Day – Overnight Barberton Adventure

Day Trips to 14 Streams Adventure.

Adventure is about letting go of the familiar and immersing yourself in the beauty of the journey, of nature and into the discovery of who you really are.

For most of our fellow adventurers, it’s one of the most liberating experiences they’ve ever had, and many are surprised to find peace along the way. But be warned, once you unleash your gypsy soul, one adventure will never be enough…


We are about the discovery of new places, history, mysteries and natural wonders, yes.

But more than that, it’s about discovering yourself and those who make the journey with you.